The New Mexico Meteor Array: Citizen Science Collecting Meteor Data
for the Global Meteor Network (GMN), using the Raspberry Meteor System (RMS).

Astrometric and Photometric Calibration plots, sorted by station ID

US0001, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:350°

US0002, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:180°

US0003, Socorro, B. Greschke, Az:318°

US0004, Santa Fe, R. James, Az:211°

US0005, Edgewood, J. Seargeant, Az:173°

US0006, Albuquerque NE, S. Kaufman, Az:49°

US0007, Albuquerque N, B. Hufnagel, Az:358°

US0008, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:30°

US0009, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:195°

US000A, Belen, W. Wallace, Az:20°

US000C, Magdalena, J. Briggs, Az:68°

US000D, Albuquerque, J. Fordice, Az:282°

US000E, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:123°

US000G, GNTO, Az:226°

US000H, Quemado, T. Havens, Az:85°

US000J, Magdalena, E. Toops, Az:343°

US000K, Socorro, B. Greschke, Az:40°

US000L, Santa Fe, G. Mroz, Az:287°

US000M, Edgewood, J. Seargeant, Az:145°

US000N, Albuquerque NE, S. Kaufman, Az:109°

US000P, Albuquerque N, B. Hufnagel, Az:281°

US000R, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:265°

US001L, Creede CO, D. Robinson, Az:183°

US001P, Taos, J. Shaffer, Az:357°

US0030, Belen, W. Wallace, Az:102°

US003G, Santa Fe, T. Blog, Az:319°

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