The New Mexico Meteor Array: Citizen Science Collecting Meteor Data
for the Global Meteor Network (GMN), using the Raspberry Meteor System (RMS).
Stations 01 + 02 form the Albuquerque Zenith reference, then sorted by Station Azimuth.

Astrometric and Photometric Calibration plots

View this data in station ID order

US0001, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:350°

US0002, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:180°

US000A, Belen, W. Wallace, Az:20°

US0008, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:30°

US000K, Socorro, B. Greschke, Az:40°

US0006, Albuquerque NE, S. Kaufman, Az:49°

US000C, Magdalena, J. Briggs, Az:68°

US000H, Quemado, T. Havens, Az:85°

US0030, Belen, W. Wallace, Az:102°

US000N, Albuquerque NE, S. Kaufman, Az:109°

US000E, Albuquerque South Valley, P. Eschman, Az:123°

US000M, Edgewood, J. Seargeant, Az:145°

US0005, Edgewood, J. Seargeant, Az:173°

US001L, Creede CO, D. Robinson, Az:183°

US0009, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:195°

US0004, Santa Fe, R. James, Az:211°

US000G, GNTO, Az:226°

US000R, Los Lunas, S. Welch, Az:265°

US000P, Albuquerque N, B. Hufnagel, Az:281°

US000D, Albuquerque, J. Fordice, Az:282°

US000L, Santa Fe, G. Mroz, Az:287°

US0003, Socorro, B. Greschke, Az:318°

US003G, Santa Fe, T. Blog, Az:319°

US000J, Magdalena, E. Toops, Az:343°

US001P, Taos, J. Shaffer, Az:357°

US0007, Albuquerque N, B. Hufnagel, Az:358°

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