The New Mexico Meteor Array (NMMA): Citizen Science -- Collecting Meteor Data
for the Global Meteor Network (GMN), using the Raspberry Meteor System (RMS).

View last four lines of fits_counts error check files

See US000G Stack of detections, Radiants plot and TimeLapse movie

Weblog listing for NMMA stations
Images show detected stack on the left and captured stack on the right
Please click on "Latest night" to see all images, plots, and time lapse mp4 movie
or "Archive" to see data from previous nights

Weblog listing for NMMA stations with ff-intervals plots
This shows ff-intervals plots in place of the Captured Stack images.
There should not be plot sections in red from timing issues or missing data.

Weblog listing for NMMA stations by camera azimuth
Weblog listings for NMMA stations on previous dates
Older version of data displayed using content downloaded from NM Server

Link to Steve Matheson's world wide data summary

Milan's map of meteor results
Use Station filter to specify US or specific station IDs

Link to Tammo Jan's older version map of US meteor results
Warning: it can take a long time to load this page!
You can zoom out and drag the map, then view results by day or by month.
Click on a meteor trail to see event details displayed below the map.

Links to more GMN-RMS images from around the world

Information about the Global Meteor Network (GMN)

The Global Meteor Network (GMN) wiki

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